Who are we?

Profile floors NZ are a flooring specialist providing a wide range of flooring solutions to the greater Auckland community and beyond.

By understanding and reacting to the key items below, we aim to secure the trust of our team and our customers. This is integral to the long-term success of our business and the wider community as a whole.

Profile Floors NZ have a commitment to focusing on respect, leadership and communication within our organization.

Business integrity

The reputation of our business and value of our brand is built on commitment to being responsible and transparent, and securing and maintaining the trust of our management team, installation team and client base.

To meet our own high standards, we aim to create a culture where employees understand what we require of them, recognize their responsibility, feel confident in raising concerns, show leadership and continue to develop and support our team by utilizing training and monitoring process.


Communication between all stakeholders is critical to our business, we expect clear, defined, swift communication, giving us the opportunity to react to an event, rather than receiving a historical record of events.


Respect and honesty both within the company and amongst our stakeholders is important to us; examples of honesty within our organization may include:

1. Respect of property/assets
2. Respect of all colleagues, clients, suppliers
3. Respect of decisions made amongst our team
4. Respect of beliefs/cultures amongst stakeholders


We aim to provide opportunity to our stakeholders through many avenues, with a focus on giving all stakeholders the opportunity to develop and succeed,

Opportunity for employees will include:

1. BCITO training development,
2. Opportunity to learn/develop and upskill as required
3. Opportunity to operate within a family run NZ business
4. Opportunity to take leadership/ownership within your role

Opportunity for external stakeholders will include:

1. Opportunity to develop relationships
2. Opportunity to expand with our organization

“Great service and communication, Soraya was very helpful and the installers did a fantastic job. “

“Soraya and her Team have done an excellent job and I would highly recommend Profile floors NZ Ltd to everyone. “